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Decopatch glue – paint (available in different formats)

Decopatch paper (resembles tissue paper, but is much more durable)

flat tip brush

gloves, apron and old newspapers so as not to dirty

the object to be coated (which can be wood, metal, plastic …)


Did you notice that I didn’t talk about scissors? In fact they are not used! Tear off the edges of the paper with your hands, pass a layer of glue-paint on the object, rest the torn piece of paper and apply it again with glue-paint so that it adheres well to the surface. Continue like this, lightly overlapping the pieces of paper between them, until the entire covering is completed. Finished! The final effect is really nice, if you want it dry once you can go over the object with a coat of clear varnish, but it’s optional.


Did I already tell you that dirty paint is crazy? I’ll tell you again! Even if it is water based, unfortunately if you get your dress dirty it will be difficult to recover it!

Do not tear too large pieces of paper, otherwise you risk gluing them poorly to the support, and creating ugly air bubbles or folds. Small pieces are then necessary for the round parts or with corners of the object to be decorated.

The background color of the object is basic for the success of the decoration: a dark color would not bring out the beautiful drawings (and there are so many) of the paper, which once applied is still slightly transparent. As a base the natural color of the wood or a uniform light color is better, if necessary paint the object with acrylic colors before proceeding.