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Characteristics And Features Of Law


Characteristics And Features Of Law

Every single country, every city and every small town will undoubtedly have a set of laws that they follow. The world is literally functioning the way it is right now because of the fact that there are laws that govern every single human from behaving in ways that are not acceptable in the society. Well, without laws, the society would crumble, governments would fall, and there would be too much chaos everywhere. In simple words, we NEED laws to function. The law does not restrict us from being who we are, as long as who we are does not cause any harm to the society and the people of the society.

So many countries are now abolishing some laws that prevented some people from marrying whomever they wanted. Yes, I am talking about the LGBT movement. There were laws against being gay, lesbian and bisexual in so many and one by one; all countries are making it legal to love who you want. Laws are meant to keep people safe and happy. Laws are made so that some humans know how to behave appropriately. Well, here are some features of the law that you should know.


  • Laws must be applicable to all people. Everyone should be equal in the eye of the law. No one should have the ability or the capability to escape the eyes of the law.
  • Law is always uniform in nature. Law does not differentiate; the law does not show partiality.
  • The power of making laws lies in the hands of the state and the state only. The state passes the laws which are for the welfare of all humans.
  • They are said to be reliable, and they are also for every single individual which is present in the state. These rules are also for every single individual.
  • Every state needs laws because laws will make sure that everything will happen smoothly indeed.
  • Laws are meant to be a threat to those who are in the mid to do some wrong in the society. It will reprimand and jail those who commit illegal actions and also those who cause harm to others and try to escape the eyes of the law.
  • The punishments which are given to those who are guilty will indeed depend on the severity of their actions.
  • Law also acts as a shield to every individual in the state, a shield against harm.
  • It also helps everyone co-exist harmoniously and also away from wrongdoings and issues.
  • Law is also blind when it comes to discrimination. The law will always treat every single human equally and will provide justice to all.
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