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  • Separate the veils of the napkin, throwing the unprinted ones.
  • Cut the contours of the desired subjects from the napkins without too much precision (I suggest the flowers to start).
  • Place the cut-outs obtained on the thermoformable film, and glue them on top by passing the glue for napkins with the flat brush. Take care not to wrinkle or bubble, and not to tear the paper. Allow at least two hours to dry.
  • Cut the contours well with the scissors, separating but not detaching the flower petals from the corolla.
  • Light the lamp and pass over it, at a certain distance, the resulting cut, so that the heat warms it and makes it soft. It is possible to heat both sides indifferently.

Caution : danger of burns! For small pieces, better use tweezers. Be careful not to burn the piece too close to the flame: better to wait a second longer at a safe distance, than risk a disaster.

  • Move away from the flame and shape, with fingers or chisels, giving movement to the leaves and petals, trying to imitate what is present in nature (like saying: we do not curl too much leaves that are not in nature!).